10 Amazing, Fun & Interesting Facts About World

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Interesting Facts About The World

#1: Life on Earth

  • The Earth is almost Five billion years old but, life has existed only for the last 150 million to 200 million years. This is estimated to be about 5% of its lifetime.


#2: What’s in a day?

  • After years and years of revolving and rotating, the planet is slowing down too. Millions of years ago, a day was only 20 hours long. A few million years later, it will be 27 hours long.


#3: Run for your life! Melting Ice!!

  • Global warming is likely to impact Maldives heavily, as it is the country with a lowest height above sea level of 1.8 meters and will go under water.
  • There are only 27 glaciers left in Montana’s Glacier National Park, versus 150 in 1910.
  • The ocean’s circulation system, ocean conveyor belt’s alteration could cause a mild ice age in Europe.


#4: Water, water, everywhere!

  • The Earth’s water is 97% Salt and 3% fresh. Canada claims to have the most of the 3% in the form of lakes with over 3 million of them and accounting for the world’s 60% of lakes.
  • The largest oceans on Earth are the Pacific, followed by the Atlantic and the Indian, in that order.
  • In the fresh water category, the Nile is the longest river followed by the Amazon river.


#4: Behind Bars

  • The United States leads with the most number of people behind bars, having 25% of the world’s population of people behind bars. China comes second, followed by Russia in the third spot.


#5: High & Low

  • The Mount Everest is the highest peak of the world with an imposing height of 8848 meters. The Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the Earth, which is deeper than Mount Everest is high.

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