10 Ways You Can Spread Kindness in the World Today

In difficult times, it’s hard not to feel helpless and frustrated. But there is one thing that we can always do to help. And that is to be kind to one another. In this article, you’ll find ways you can spread kindness in the world today.

We live in a world that is filled with varying opinions, backgrounds, and experiences. But kindness is universal.

Acts of kindness benefit both the recipient and the giver. Both individuals walk away from the experience with just a little more joy and happiness than before.

I hope that this article brings just a little more kindness into your life and the lives of others today.


1. Ask your neighbors if they need help

We’ve heard of several situations recently where people who felt isolated and scared reached out to their neighbors for help. And their neighbors care through for them. Delivering groceries, celebrating birthdays, accompanying each other on walks.

These acts of kindness changed feelings of isolation and being scared into feelings of community and hope.

If your community has an email forum, ask your neighbors on the forum if anyone needs any help. Alternatively, post a flyer on a community board. Or post a sign on your door or in your front yard.

Even if people don’t reach out, sometimes knowing that someone is there to support them is a kindness in itself.

2. Say thank you to the “invisible” workers

One silver-lining of the coronavirus pandemic is that it taught us to recognize the importance of the “invisible” workers. Those individuals who are essential to making our communities operate, but often without a word of thanks.

Let’s make sure that those workers don’t feel invisible anymore. Every chance you get, thank the delivery driver, the grocery store clerk, the sanitization worker, and all those other people working to make everyone’s lives a little bit better every day.

These thank you cards are a small way you can say “thank you” and spread kindness to others.

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